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This Is The Movie We Would Get If Hollywood Got Their Hands on Day Z

The YouTube user who made the Dishonored "film" trailer earlier this summer has been busy. This one's for DayZ, and it looks quite good. (Although I'd have to skip it; horror movies and I just do not get along.)


There are dozens more at Bloodrunsclear's YouTube channel. A small handful of fun ones are embedded below, but head over to YouTube for the full, huge, set.


Bloodrunsclear's Channel [YouTube, via Eurogamer]

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Blah Im ranty ranty like a grouchy pants.

Ok people, a trailer does not make a GOOD movie. You can manipulate, cut, edit and remix footage to death but that doesnt make a cohesive, compelling, well acted/directed hour and 40+ mins of film. You can put Johnny Cash singing Hurt, you can have an artist du jour singing Mad World or My Body is a Cage. It just... doesnt equal a movie.