This is the Disorienting, Possibly Exciting Gravity For Vita Being Played By Shaky Hands

One of the more original PlayStation Vita efforts is Gravity, a game from Sony's Japanese developers, specifically some of the people behind the Siren horror games. It's exciting, in that it's not another PlayStation sequel and that it has stylish, comic book-like beauty.


For a clearer look at Gravity's graphics, watch the official trailer. But if you want to see how Gravity plays—and with a shaky thumb, should you have one too—watch me play the Vita game at Sony's E3 2011 booth.

The core concept feels not unlike the gravity-swapping gameplay of Dead Space's disorienting zero-G movement or the also unreleased Inversion. We'll move around this world as an amnesiac girl who has the power to hover and choose her own gravitational pull, a mechanic used in exploration and combat.

What I played, I liked, even if it was floaty, tutorial caliber stuff. The combat in Gravity feels loose, its aiming via gyroscope requiring some getting used to. Having a guide helped, so listen while you watch me learn about Gravity.

But as you can see, it uses the Vita's hardware differentiators in potentially amusing ways. Gravity is planned to hit alongside the Vita's launch.


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Anybody know how much more powerful is the Vita agains the PSP and 3DS? and compared to the consoles?