This Is the $300 Street Fighter Chess Set Capcom Sent Me Today

The other day, an EA spokesperson invited me to go to Germany to go to some Porsche driving school in order to, in a roundabout way, play more of the next Need for Speed. (I declined.) Today, Capcom sent me a really heavy box. A $300 chess set was in it. Yes, it's cool. No, it wasn't necessary.

I usually refrain from posting the expensive stuff we're sent. Often, I just throw it out. Or give it away. This one, however, kept making people in the office gawk (no pun intended), so I figured you should see it, too. Some will say we should do a charity auction, but that's more free publicity and plays into the swag-mailing-turns-into-a-post problem. Others might suggest we send it back, but this thing is heavy and I'd rather not waste budget. So... what to do?

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I don't know.

You could always eat it.