In a country with numerous Kit Kat flavors and a Kit Kat specialty store, this should not come as a surprise. It should come as an utter delight.

The latest special flavor is "Yaki Cream Cheese" (in Japanese, "yaki" or 焼き means "baked," "toasted," "grilled," "roasted," and so on).

Here's how they compare to the boutique's "regular" cream cheese Kit Kats:

By "regular," I mean fancy—but unbaked.

And the baked ones.

And side by side.

The outside of the toasted Kit Kats are crunchy, while inside, they are moist and delicious. Website Entabe, which tasted them, said there were quite tasty. I know I'm keen to try baked gourmet Kit Kats.

"高級キットカット" を焼いちゃった!? サクサクしっとり「焼きクリームチーズ」 [Entabe]

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