This Is Some Serious Metal Slug Training

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At select arcades in Japan, you can rent a cabinet for a flat fee for a specific period of time. This is a good way to improve your skills. But those hoping to take their play to the next level might need to make things more difficult for themselves.


That’s exactly what Twitter user Kaizou_001 did for action side-scroller Metal Slug 4. As you can see, a sign on the cabinet’s top reads 貸切中, meaning “reserved.”

Kaizou_001 taped cardboard over the screen so he couldn’t see himself playing. There are a stopwatch and a notepad for him to track his progress and take notes. This was a trial run, Kaizou_001 writes, adding that it took 25 credits to clear the whole game. 

Another arcade goer spotted the training session. But this is not the only trick up his Metal Slug sleeve!


Here he’s playing two characters at the same time, controlling both joysticks and button sets with each hand. Impressive! 

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SNK brought back KOF and Samsho, they need to create a new Metal Slug ASAP.