This is Quite a Trailer You've Got Here, Resident Evil 6

I'm not going to get excited about this game. The sad faces I make every time I think of Resident Evil 5 have made sure of that. But "surprisingly enthused"? I can do that.


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Still not at all excited for this boring game. It's demonstrated nothing so far that is getting close to survival horror, is mechanically still not as sound as other third-person shooters or action games out there, and the series doesn't have a track record for good storytelling.

I just struggle to see what people could even get out of this new game. It's not even the same kind of game as the earlier entries in the series that built the franchise and fanbase. This new image is now trying to mimic other action games it mechanically can't hope to compete with, skewing its chances to get a new large audience.

The only audience I can see buying this are diehard loyalists that just won't give up on the franchise, or suckers for production value spectacle. Fall 2012 has better games worth people's money over this.