This Is Not How I Remember Perfect Dark On N64

Remember Perfect Dark? The N64 spy shooter that was a lot like Goldeneye because it was basically a sequel to Goldeneye? Someone's gone and made it into a horrifying glitched out hellscape.

Vinesauce, renowned master of glitchy, unpredictable "corruptions," put his personal spin on Perfect Dark. The result is equal parts deranged and hilarious. People's legs twitch and undulate through their torsos, and nobody stays in one spot for long. Instead they sort of... explode away in a fleshcloud of clattering limbs, sort of like how I imagine spiders move when we're not looking.


It is... captivating? That's probably not the right word. I'm not sure there is a right word. But you should watch it, especially if you value your happy childhood memories as little as I value mine.

Anyway, I've gotta run. Just imagine me doing this:

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You know, hell might may as well be a N64 glitched out game. Nothing felt deader than N64 graphics at the time. I mean look at the people in this game alone. ugh.