Nowadays, it's easy to have sexytimes on the internet. Probably a little too easy, to be honest. But, back in the olden days of the late 1990s, it was more challenging. People needed instructional video, apparently, but it's hard to imagine this one helping anyone get connected.

Watching this snippet of "How to Have Cybersex on the Internet" is like getting inside a not-at-all titillating time machine. According to Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher—writers for The Onion and Late Show with David Letterman, respectively—the clip comes from a VHS tape found in a Minnestota thrift store. It's got some of the slowest erotic typing you've ever seen and a sweater that mysteriously disappears for no reason at all. There's more of the tape, however, which will be shown during the Found Footage Fest tour over the next few months.