AKB48 member Mayu Watanabe was immortalized in Xenoblade CG for a commercial to promote the game. The end result was not so great.

At the moment, AKB48 is the most popular idol group in Japan. It has many members. Mayu Watanabe is one of them. Above is what Mayu actually looks like. Say "hi" to Mayu. Hi, Mayu!

And this is what she looks like in the first ad.


This, too.

But, there is a second ad! The Mayu CG is way improved.


See? Check out the second ad here and the first one here.

AKB48の渡辺麻友が出演する『ゼノブレイド』CMの第2弾が公開、前のよりは100倍マシ [はちま起稿] [Pic]