As Kotaku first reported earlier this month, Burger King rolled out a black cheeseburger in Japan. Now, McDonald's Japan has a black burger of its own.

Unlike the Burger King "kuro" burger, the McDonald's "ikasumi burger" (イカスミバーガー) has yellow cheese. It kind of looks like that Darth Vader burger that France got a few years back.


"Ikasumi" means "squid ink," so the name of this burger translates to "squid ink burger."

According to website Gold Rush, the squid ink burger is limited to three McDonald's restaurants in Tokyo's Shinjuku.

[Photo: mtknk]

This is the box. It's Halloween-themed.

[Photo: dayo_ra]

Oh boy.

[Photo: natsuhi818]

Patties look like standard McDonald's meat. But really, this is Halloween, the hamburger. By that I mean this is pretty scary!

[Photo: natsuhi818]

But those buns. They're like a mixture of dust bunnies and volcanic ash.

Online, people aren't saying it's bad. Some like it! The burger has two patties, with cheese and a spicy yellow cheese sauce and fried onions.

[Photo: mtknk]

But it looks kinda sad. And not entirely black. Chin up, squid ink burger. You'll be available in Shinjuku until September 28, making this fall in Japan the battle of the black burgers!

マクドナルドでイカスミバーガー発売か? 意外とうまそう [ゴールドラッシュ]

Top photo: takuro88

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