We can't blame or credit the new, more physical version of Connect Four on Microsoft's Kinect sensor. No, the TV show Hasbro Family Game Night is responsible for that. That's where the basketball version of Connect Four came from.


The basketballized version of Connect Four has simply been ported from the world of real game shows to video games, here in Hasbro Family Game Night 4 (which is also coming out this fall for the PlayStation 3 and Wii).

I'm not sold on this. I don't know if Connect Four needed a sweaty improvement. But you watch the video here and judge for yourself.


I'd rather have seen the Minority Report-style Scrabble game that will be included alongside this modified Connect 4 in Hasbro Family Game Night 4. But that wasn't on display at EA's recent showcase in New York. Just this Connect Four mode. Enjoy

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last time I played the real one... it was turn based... and not just who shoots 4 in a row the fastest...