This Is How Assassin's Creed Was Meant To Be Played

The Glorious PC Master Race believe themselves a superior class of gamer because of stuff like this. And really, when you see it, you can't blame them.

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood may have been released late on the PC, but there are certain benefits to be had playing it on a personal computer. Like being able to string three displays together and have the thing running at an eye-straining 5760x1080 resolution.

There's not a single movie epic enough to warrant such a ridiculous display. Ben Hur, the widest mainstream cinema release of all time, was "only" shot in 2.93:1 (while this is around 5.3:1).


So Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, take a bow. You are officially Bigger Than Ben Hur.

[via Reddit]

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However awesome it looks on my PC, I still play it with an XBox 360 controller. The Mouse & Keyboard scheme for this game has been something I've found especially annoying ever since the first release.