This Is BronyCon

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Ponies are largely the focus here at BronyCon 2014 in Baltimore, Maryland, but they're also an accessory, a colorful ticket for fans of other elements of geek culture to join the party. They really do go with anything.

For instance, can you spot the pony in this TF2 cosplay group above? Hint: It's not the Spy. Okay maybe it's the Spy.

At least he's sort of in theme. Others don't care — it's a convention, they've got an outfit to wear, ponies be damned.


Completely unrelated to My Little Pony, right? Well, maybe not.

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As I was sitting down to partake of a $10 plate of convention corn dogs and chips and charge my wheels, a group of Team Fortress 2 cosplayers spontaneously broke into a conga circle in front of me.

This is BronyCon exactly.

Elsewhere, Deadpool is serenading passersby on accordian while Harley Pie (a Harley Quinn/Pinkie Pie mash-up) blasts them with an air cannon. Mari and Link are walking about together. There are people dressed as Baltimore police here.


Oh, those are probably the Baltimore police. I should go sing them "Way Down in the Hole". They love that.

In closing, "CONGA CONGA CON-GA."

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"No, no - you got it all wrong! We said we wanted Colts, not ponies!"

- Citizens of Baltimore