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Dragon Ball's Bulma Has A New Voice Actress [Update]

[Image via Amazon Japan]
[Image via Amazon Japan]

A new Japanese ad for a Dragon Ball branded bath cleaner features Vegeta and Bulma. Understandably, fans note that Bulma’s new voice sounds slightly different because Bulma’s voice actress Hiromi Tsuru suddenly passed away last fall.


The bath cleaner commercial below is the first time Bulma has spoken since Tsuru’s death.

Update February 15 - 5:03am: The official Dragon Ball Super Twitter account just announced that starting in the episode airing February 18, Bulma will be voiced by Aya Hisakawa. She’s known for voicing Sailor Mercury in Sailor Moon and Kero from Cardcaptor Sakura. It seems logical that Hisakawa is voicing Bulma in this bath cleaning spot, which Amazon Japan has since taken down, giving us a preview for what to expect when she takes over the role. This post has been updated to reflect this announcement.


However, as many note, Bulma’s voice doesn’t sound off or strange.

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