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This Is A Shitty Way To Teach A Child New Words

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Nintendo Wii continues to prove itself quite capable when it comes to teaching children new things. In fact, it taught three-year-old Oliver Smith a brand new word! Can you say shitheads?

Countdown is a long-running British television show involving the descrambling of letters and numbers into words, a fact I know only because the show was featured in the fourth season of UK comedy The IT Crowd, which everyone with Netflix should watch.

Victoria Smith figured the Wii version of the game, developed by Koch on behalf of Channel 4, would be an excellent way to help her clever young son develop his vocabulary. What magical new word would the scrambled letters SHAHSITED transform into?



Angry Victoria, 30, said yesterday: "I couldn't believe my eyes as the word was slowly unveiled as an obscene insult. Oliver is a really bright kid and we play this game to help him build up his word bank. He was already asking what the word meant."


Victoria will not be playing the game with her son anymore. As for his new word, just tell him it is a nine-letter-word describing the people that programmed the words into a television show-based video game rated for players three and up.

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