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This is a Real Prototype PS4 Controller

Illustration for article titled This is a Real Prototype PS4 Controller

This photo, which as far as we can tell first appeared at Destructoid, appears to be a prototype controller for the next PlayStation. From the look of it, it mostly matches up with what our sources have told us about the system, code-named Orbis.


An industry source familiar with the new system tells us the photo is the real deal. But bear in mind, it may not represent the final form of the controller. The touch-pad on the front of the controller is particularly interesting. According to the official Orbis documentation that was shared with us a few weeks ago, it will be a two-point multi-touch capable "pad" similar to the one on the back of the Vita. It can also be clicked for an additional input. Curiously, this prototype seems to not include a "Share" button, despite that button being described in the documentation.


I've contacted Sony to see if this is real, and will update if I hear back. We'll likely learn more next week, as Sony is expected to unveil the new console at an event in New York on February 20.

Update: Sony has gotten back to us, singing that short-but-sweet tune we all know and love: "We can't comment on rumors or speculation."


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Jonathan Ponikvar

Wow, that touch panel looks......... completely pointless. What can it do that couldn't be accomplished with just putting normal buttons there? Is it just the novelty of having it be a "touch" interface?

I mean, otherwise it just looks like a Dualshock with speakers. Though it could be worse; for some reason from all the documentation we've been seeing lately, I was half-expecting some finger-breaking twisted monstrosity, like an N64 controller had sex with a pretzel.

Edit: And I know, for UI navigation it'll be great, and in the final product it will be more polished and better-looking. I just wonder how useful a touch pad would be in the middle of a game. The Vita one just seems to get in the way more often than not.