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This Is a Chinese Gatling Gun. For, Um, Cops.

Illustration for article titled This Is a Chinese Gatling Gun. For, Um, Cops.
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Earlier this week, workers rioted in China's Shaxi, a manufacturing town in Guangdong province. Before that, there were reports of riots at a Foxconn plant in Chengdu. Make no mistake, China doesn't appear to be near a tipping point; however, there seems to be something in the air. While certainly not widespread, some people do seem uneasy.


With that in the back of your mind, this weapon is freakin' scary. You are looking at 7.62 mm Gatling machine gun, which can fire from 2,500 to 6,000 rounds per minute. It's not for the military. And it's not for hunting Predator.

As China Digital Times pointed out, it's supposedly for the cops and appeared at this year's China Police Expo at the Beijing International Convention Center.


"This is a fucking policeman's machine gun," wrote one Chinese blogger. "Who are the police going to mow down with this gun?" asked one Chinese social networking site user. "The American imperialists or the Japanese devils? Who are they selling this thing to?" The cops, it seems, the cops.

Machine Guns: Not Just for Soldiers Anymore [China Digital Times]

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Can't they just load it with these non-lethal rounds (rubber balls or beanbags or what they now are) and THEN mow the workers down if things get really of hands? Because just for scaring people probably won't work if Tiananmen Guangchang showed us anything.

It's a bit over the top though for cops to have a gatling gun, though I can imagine the joy in the policemen's eyes after finding out that they're getting a new fancy toy to play with.