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This Indie 8-Bit Platformer Harkens Back To The Castlevanias of Old

Meet Odallus: The Dark Call, currently in development by JoyMasher, the same Brazilian indie group that brought us Oniken last year. It's an "action exploration platformer" set to come out in 2014. Also, the hero is named "Haggis." ... Huh.


Much like the first Castlevania, Odallus will be comprised of separate stages. These stages are non-linear and can be explored for various rewards, such as weapons and upgrades which can help deal with the demonic enemies the game throws at you. The overall focus here is to catch the spirit of NES-era platformers, both in look and feel—even going as far as using the original color palette of the NES.


Currently, Odallus is trying to get on Steam via Greenlight and is looking for funding through Indiegogo (though JoyMasher stated they'd finish the game with or without funding). For a taste of the action, you can also check out the game's demo, which was created specifically for the Indiegogo campaign.

Odallus: The Dark Call is scheduled to come out on PC in mid 2014; initially on Windows, and later on Mac and Linux.

Odallus: The Dark Call [Official Website]

Odallus Crowdfunding Campaign [Indiegogo]

Odallus Greenlight [Steam]

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THIS is how you make an 8 bit style game, not that lazy pseudo crap so many people poorly try to emulate.