This Guy Lost Everything In A Fire, Gamers Help Him

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Chris Hu, a member of fighting game forum, lost everything in fire in New York's Chinatown. Hu and his family are now homeless, and is doing what it can to help.


In an interview with ABC, Hu recounts how his family lost more than their home, but also their life savings. (According to the report, many immigrants simply do not use banks.)

The cause of the fire has not yet been determined, but it is believed to have started in a shop on the street level. The fire has left over 50 families displaced.


To help is banding together and running a collection through April 23 for Hu's family. The site has donated $1,000 to the fund. Joining the cause, MadCatz is donating the first Super Street Fighter IV fighting stick that comes off the production line for an auction to help Hu.

More info through the link below.

Shoryuken - Help Out a Friend in Need: Chris Hu [Shoryuken]

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Geez thanks madcats...the guy doesn't have a home and they're donating a joystick. That's going to help.