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This Guy Just Won The Diablo III Lottery

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Finding cool items in Diablo III is one thing, but having the greatest luck at the perfect moment while trying to get the number one spot on the leaderboards is just a different level of luck.

Watch the short segment from Moses2265's stream to see how lucky he was with his Wizard. He was about to run out of time in a Rank 41 Greater Rift, when a very rare Conduit Pylon—a very rare shrine that buffs damage—appeared, making the boss fight really easy, and letting him finish the Rift just in time.


These tiered, high level dungeons beyond Rank 30 are really hard, so finishing a Rank 41 Rift with a solo character might not even be possible without this kind of luck, no matter how good your gear is.

GR: 41 - That's How You Do It - #2 EU [Twitch]

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