This Guy Is Making a Time Travel Calendar

Alex Griendling knows that there is a problem with most modern calendars. They mark the weekend and include the holidays. But they don't include important moments in time travel.

You can get some fancy calendar that includes years and years of Christmases and Flag Days, but did they mark the day when the Terminator came back to kill Sarah Connor? Do they include the day Marty McFly gets to the future? As well as the day he gets back?

They don't, primarily because those events are fictional and aren't all that important. I would, nevertheless be happy to have a 2012 Time Travel calendar. Alex is making one. His plan, as he described it in an e-mail to me: "The 2012 Time Travel Calendar collects 155 instances of time travel from Films, TV Shows(LOST!), video games and comics and puts them on a single timeline that plays out over the course of a year."


I'm all for this. If you are too, contribute to his Kickstarter and it'll become a reality.

[UPDATE: Time traveler Luke Plunkett informs me that he wrote about the 2011 version of Griendling's calendar in late 2010. He thought it was cool.]

Goal: $9,340
Notable Reward: $500 - 4 2012 Time Travel calendars, wallpaper, buttons, custom icons, thank yous and more.
Chances: Decent. He's a third of the way there and, hey, what's a funding deadline to a guy working on something related to time travel> Good, with a pretty high goal and the deadline approaching, this Kickstarter may have aimed too high and is only slightly more than halfway there.
Finishes: November 23


The 2012 Time Travel Calendar [Kickstarter]

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