This guy is compiling a digital book that will review over 280 computer RPGs—and when it's done, you can get it for free. Developers like Obsidian's Chris Avellone have already agreed to participate. "The book is going well, but I need some spotlight to travel into the far reaches of the internet and reach fans with stories to tell," curator Felipe Pepe tells Kotaku. You can see some sample reviews here, and keep track of his progress on Google Docs.


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Very cool. At a first glance, it includes a few of the more obscure cRPGs that I like, including Star Control II, Exile, Angband, and Geneforge. I mention those because I wanted to test how comprehensive it is, and I've read histories of video games that hardly touch on pretty key segments of development.

Anyway, this is a cool post and all, but what does Felipe Pepe want, exactly? Should we pick an unassigned piece and let him know we want to write about it?