Don't worry. Dizzy from fighter Guilty Gear XX Accent Core isn't cold. She has thick skin. Thick plastic skin, that is.

This is the Queen's Gate version of Dizzy. Queen's Gate is a spin-off of Queen's Blade, a Lost Worlds style "combat picture book game" and has been published in Japan for the last couple of years.


Queen's Gate has showcased the likes of Iroha (Samurai Shodow), Mai Shiranui (The King of Fighters) and of course Dizzy (Guilty Gear).

Pre-orders for this PVC Dizzy will cease this October, and the 18cm Kotobukiya figure is schedule to ship next January.


「クイーンズゲイト 運命の子 ディズィー」月刊ホビージャパン10月号、11月号誌上限定通販スタート!! [ステマニ日和BLOG]

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