This Grand Theft Auto Movie Doesn't Just Work, It's Incredible

This is RISE, a Grand Theft Auto-inspired short film by director Gevorg Karensky. Whatever quality and budgetary limitations you might think this has because it's "fan made", you go right ahead and throw them out the window.


If this is what Grand Theft Auto VII looks like on my ValveBox TVPC, then the future might be OK after all.

Grand Theft Auto: RISE - Live Action Short Film [YouTube]


Paul Cypert

I'm curious with Gawker adjective use lately. Amazing, awesome, incredible just getting tossed around lately. There's a long club shot that anyone could shoot on any budget and an OK for amateur car scene....nothing that blows my mind or really even reminds me of GTA. I wanna see him take down a hooker on the curb and then jump out and steal her money :P Not really, I mean it is well shot for a fan vid, but not exceptionally so and I'm not just being a cynic.