This Game's Your Chance to Get Revenge on Stupid Kids and Their Stupid Rock 'n Roll

What happens when you mix the old Hollywood cool of the Rat Pack with a Scooby Doo plot? You get a game like The Moonlighters. Produced by two young developers who make up RadDragon Games, it's a action/RPG hybrid that has players controlling a group of washed-up actors when rock 'n roll renders their high-flying careers obsolete.


Despite the relative youth of the guys making the game, Moonlighters pays convincing homage to classic heist films of the past as well as capturing the gaudy, boozy glitz of 1950s Tinseltown. You'll learn more about this promising effort in the video above but if you want more info, head over to the Raddragon site for updates on The Moonlighters' development. Lo, there shall be a reckoning for those meddling kids…


I didn't think kids listened to rock n' roll anymore, unless they're confusing pop with rock.