This is the debut trailer for Reset, an upcoming PC puzzle game. It's gorgeous. Almost too gorgeous. Seems like one of those annoying computer-generated teasers that winds up looking absolutely nothing like the real thing.


But believe it or not, development studio Theory Interactive says everything in this trailer was rendered with their in-game engine. No CGI.

Reset's creators describe it as a "single-player co-op first-person puzzle game." You travel back in time to solve puzzles cooperatively with yourself. What? Yes.


Gamasutra has more info on the upcoming puzzler, which sounds pretty damn ridiculous. According to writer-slash-artist Alpo Oksaharju, it's chock full of exploration and puzzles and all sorts of other delicious adventurey goodness.

"The game world has dynamic day and night and weather cycles that create unique moods for every player," he told Gamasutra. "Player movement in the game is fully proactive, so one must read the world to understand what has happened and will happen."

I have no idea where this game came from, but I want it now.

Reset Debut Trailer HD [YouTube]

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