This Game Wants You To Be a Stealthy Bastard

There are a lot of big, big games out (or coming out) about now. Which is great if you're loaded with cash. But sucks if you're broke.


Never mind! Not all good games have to be paid for. Take Stealth Bastard for example, a free PC game that's about light, dark, stealth and blood.

Taking cues from Metal Gear, Flashback and Super Meat Boy, Stealth Bastard is a 2D platformer where sneaking is important, but so is avoiding the bloody death that awaits you on every damn screen.


The game not only ships with, but with a level editor as well, so for $0.00 it's a pretty sweet deal.

Stealth Bastard [Official Site]

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I downloaded this earlier, but the installer seems to be broken. The game itself installed on my machine, but it looks like the install crashed before it could install any levels. I was able to find the EXE and run it, but with no levels installed it basically renders the game useless. This is on Win7 x64.