This Game Might Embarrass You, But That's No Excuse Not To Own It

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We all looked a bit silly playing Wii Sports and sillier still when we played Dance Central or Just Dance or just about any other Kinect or Wii motion game.


Now comes the latest game to make its players look like crazy people: Matt Parker's Recurse.

This iPad game is as simple as it gets. You prop up an iPad and back away from it. The system's screen will show a video feed of what it sees.... you and/or the other people standing in front of the tablet. Green and red blocks appear on the screen, either popping into existence or cascading down the screen. Players need to wiggle any part of their body behind the green blocks but avoid the red. You get points for the green, lose points for the red. That's it. To play it well, you'll bend and twist and contort your limbs. It's more or less a 21st-century Twister.

Just be warned that you might look funny playing it.

Recurse [iTunes, $1.99 - iPad-only]



This actually seems pretty interesting. It's not an admission that I'm going to get it, but still interesting nonetheless.

This has piqued my interest in Kinect/EyeToy like games on the iPad. Is this the first of it's kind or are there other games that utilize the camera in this way? Kind of surprised that these types of iPad games haven't become known to me until now.