This Game Designer's Desk Is Overrun with Mecha

Ollie Barder, a senior game designer at People Can Fly, really likes mecha. Like, really, really, really likes them. Don't believe me? Check out his desk.

Recently Epic Games visited People Can Fly and were amazed by Barder's desk—probably amazed that the man can get any work done!


Barder tells Kotaku that's actually "very easy" for him to be productive in a cluttered space like this as his work is on the computer.

"All I need for that is room for the keyboard, mouse and monitors," he explains. "My dev kits are also off to the side, so the toys don't get in the way at all."


"Basically," he adds, "I've never needed much in the way of actual desk space so I've always filled it with mecha toys." Tons of them.

If you also really, really, really like mecha, check out Barder's site Mecha Damashii.


Ollie Barder’s Mecha Collection [Epic Games]

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