This Game Artist Can Sure Make A Pretty Comic

Artist Daniel Lieske has worked on games like PC action RPG title Sacred. When he's not being told to draw skimpy girls in metal bras, though, he can come up with stuff that looks a lot better.

Employed by day by Ascaron Entertainment, in Germany, by night he lets his imagination off the hook. Lieske writes on his site " personal style and the stories inside my head often have to step back in order to comply with commercial requirements", so he often dabbles in things that have nothing to do with video games.


Graphic novel The Wormworld Saga is one such thing, and it looks absolutely beautiful. Recently kicking off over on Lieske's site, it's free to read, but if you're so inclined, you can donate to him to help keep the project going.

Can't wait to read more. Actually, just see more. The words don't even have to be there when the art looks this good.

You can read the intro to Wormworld at the link below.

[The Wormworld Saga, via Boing-Boing]

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