This Fake Trailer Would Make Aquaman a Superstar. Maybe.

Sure, you all laugh at Aquaman now. But when his non-extant movie crosses over with a beloved Pixar franchse, Arthur Curry will show you. He’ll show you all.


The best thing about this fake promo for an Aquaman movie that doesn’t exist is how it rounds up trailer clichés from other superhero movies. Slo-mo fight schene? Check. Mocked somewhere in his angsty youth? Yup. Pouring out your heart to animals? It’s in there. While this clip did make me laugh, I’ve never like that this weird assumption that Aquaman can control water. He can’t do that. That’s his wife, guys.

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Fuck anyone who hates on Aquaman, aside from the telepathy with sea animals thing he has super strength and has skin strong enough to deflect bullets, and he's a goddamn king with command of a huge fucking army....and he has a hot wife.