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This Fable Game Is As Much An Improvement As It Is A Homage

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Fable fan Jo-Remi is working on a "demake" of the series, a single retro-themed title combining not just the best elements of all three Fable games, but the best elements that were promised and never made it.

So, for example, it takes the fishing system from the first Fable and improves it (think Bass Master!), takes the commerce system from Fable II and improves that, and then has the famous "real-time vegetation growth" feature that creator Peter Molyneux famously boasted of prior to Fable's release (and which never actually turned up in the game).


Fun fact: Jo is also working on Owlboy, which has stolen my heart and won't give it back until it's out.


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