This Early Copy of Dragon Quest IX Is So Not Real

Dragon Quest IX might be out until March, but someone on the Japanese internet claims to have obtained an early copy. Thing is, it's totally fake for two reasons. They are:

• The cover art illustration has already been released by Square Enix as previous promotional material.


• The package's barcode is the same as the Dragon Quest IV barcade.

So there you go. This phoney baloney appeared during the winter holidays and got many in Japan green with envy. They, too, wanted an early copy of the game!

Even though the game's not out for three months, it's already available for pre-order. Japan's all excited for DQIX. You could say the country has DQIX fever. Can you feel it?


新年早々、ドラゴンクエスト9をあるルートから入手?の話題とか [情報屋さん]

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