This Dog Is One Fierce Son Of An Xbox

This is Kapone, a dog that is doing very well learning to protect its owners. Kapone's father is Xbox, a prize-winning German Shepherd a dog whose owner boasts is a North American champ.

Let's back up a second.


In Canada, a group called Dei Precision German Shepherds is proudly raising the now five-year-old German Shepherd called Xbox (pictured here). His owner tells Kotaku the dog got that name because he's playful. Last October, Xbox won the top rank in the working dog part of a German Shepherd competition called NASS 2010.

His owners call themselves Team Xbox. They go to competitions wearing hats with the Xbox name on them. But they don't have any official connection's to MIcrosoft's gaming console of the same name.

Xbox is a pretty good dog and has been breeding with others. One of his progeny is Kapone, who is being raised in Michigan. Other puppies are elsewhere, like this female puppy photographed in November and located in Indiana at the time.


That's a next-generation Xbox right there.

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