This Developer Wants To Jump-Start Africa’s Game Industry

Ghana is not known for its game industry, but that could change.

In the BBC interview above, Ghanaian game developer Eryam Tawia of Leti Games talks about his desire for Africa to be a strong presence in the game industry, one that reflects African heroes and history.


Honestly, I hope he's successful. If the rise of Nollywood is any indication, he damn well might be.

Video via BBC News

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You know all those cheap movies from Ghana that look like someone filmed his neighbours and did post-production on his laptop? I bet they would be better as games, and you developers are like 1000 times more talented that whoever made them. The licensing can't be expensive. I mean, look at this:

In all fairness, though, this "2016" looks better than the one shown in the US AND it has actual Africans in them instead of Obama.