This Could Be the Very Best Pokémon Art Exhibit, Like No One Ever Was

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This April the Light Grey Art Lab in Minneapolis, Minnesota will be transformed into the ultimate trainer fantasy, when 151 artists take on the 151 original pocket monsters in an all-out Pokémon Battle Royale.


Light Grey Art Lab co-owner Chris Hajny dropped us a line this afternoon to fill us in on what could be one of the most exciting art exhibit concepts since cave paintings, at least to fans of Nintendo's catch and battle role-playing franchise. They've compiled a list of all 151 original Pokémon and artists from around the country have been vying to catch their favorite in their preferred medium. It's only one artist per Pokémon, and the end result should be the most spectacular Pokedex in franchise history.

Competition for monsters is fierce, of course. As of this writing only 26 or so remain unclaimed, and one of them is Staryu, a Pokémon that could be rendered in two seconds with a bedazzler. If you're interested in participating, hit up the project's web site and submit a link to your portfolio.

If you're interested in attending you'll find the pertinent info there as well.

I can't wait to see what comes of this exhibit. Hopefully it won't look like Deviant Art exploded.

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Gunblazer 42

No one's taken Sandshrew :( He's my favorite of the Original Pokemon, next to its evolution, which has been claimed. I'd totally do it if i didn't suck at artistic things outside of singing.