This Christmas, Japan Is Dreaming of Pepsi. White Pepsi.

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Pepsi in Japan is different. Every summer, Pepsi Japan releases peculiar flavors, whether that is Salty Watermelon or Ice Cucumber-or heck, even shiso as well as red bean flavored cola. This winter, Pepsi Japan is releasing another curio: Pepsi White.

In the 2008, Japan got a Pepsi White, but it was yogurt flavored. This year's Pepsi White flavor, however, is "Snow Mikan" and hits on this December. Mikan are traditionally eaten during winter in Japan, and they are very much a winter food. Snow Mikan Pepsi, however, is no traditional drink-not in Japan or anywhere else!

冬に白いコーラを 今年の変わり種「ペプシ ホワイト」登場 [IT Media]


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