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This Challenging Puzzle Game is a Crossbow Bolt to the Brain

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

I nearly let the fact that Ludomo Gamestudio's Quiver looks like a shareware PC game from the mid-90s stop me from playing. Had I given in to my graphics snobbery I would have missed out on one of the most inventive puzzle games available on Android.

Each of Quiver's 51 levels presents the player with a series of colored braziers and a single crossbow bolt to light them all. In order to light a brazier of a particular color, the bolt must hit or pass through a gem of the corresponding color. Players are given a selection of gems and left to strategically place them about the board in order to guide that one shot in the right direction.

It gets rather complicated, but much like the great place-and-play games of the past (The Incredible Machine, for instance), once all the pieces fall into place the feeling of accomplishment is glorious. That's worth more than shiny high resolution graphics any day.


Quiver — $.99 [Google Play]