This Cave Shooter Costs $2,600

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Japanese shooter specialists Cave are more than happy to sell you a copy of Akai Katana. For US$2,600. And you can't play it on an Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PC, 3DS, DS, PSP or iPhone.


It's still a pretty awesome offer, though, as Cave is selling actual PCB board (Printed Circuit Board...Board) versions of the game to home consumer. These are the boards that slide into generic arcade cabinets to bring the game to life, so if you've got a cabinet somewhere at home (or can get one), this is a great way to get an official version of a Japanese arcade shooter.


You can see the exquisite bundle the whole thing ships in above, and you can get a quick look at the thing being played in an arcade here.

The new £1,500 Cave game [MCV]

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Considering there's no way to tell if you're going to use it at home or for business, that's about the right price for it. That's precisely why SNK made the NeoGeo home console carts different than the MVS ones!