This Cat Is Going Stealth, Metal Gear Stealth

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Monster Hunter and Metal Gear collaborations didn't end with Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. They're just getting started.


On December 24, Capcom is releasing a special free downloadable quest for Monster Hunter Portable 3rd called "MGS Solid & Liquid". Upon completing it, players will get a "Solid Neko (Cat) Knife", a "Neko Bandanya" ("nya" means "meow") and a "Solid Neko Suit".


Both Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and Monster Hunter Portable 3rd are two of the biggest PSP games released in Japan this year.

So look forward for more MGS - Monster Hunter collaborations in the future. Or not!

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Evan Chambers

I wish my cat in real life was that stealthy... Instead she just stomps her feet and meows loudly.