This Brand New Old-School RPG Is Coming To PS3 And Vita Next Year

Here's one more reason to get your hands on a Vita: Dragon Fantasy Book II, the sequel to NES-style iOS JRPG Dragon Fantasy, is coming to Sony's portable system (and PlayStation 3) next year.

Hit the PlayStation Blog for more details on this old-school-styled RPG, courtesy creator Adam Rippon. Or you could watch the video footage I shot when I checked out the game at PAX East earlier this year (although Rippon says a lot has changed since then).


Rippon is also showing off the game at PAX Prime this week, so stay tuned for more impressions within the next few days.

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Here's an idea for all the indie devs out there looking to make a game in the 16 bit art style: make your game with that art, but with today's technology. There's no reason to have crappy animations, poor dialogue, or sound effects. Look at Fez for a great example. Excellent pixilated artwork, but with modern day sensibilities in animations and controls. Seriously, there's a reason we moved on from 16 bit. It's a great art style, but it had severe limitations.