From the same guys who brought you Gunlord, comes NEO XYX, a shooter for the Neo Geo that...yes, this will be a Neo Geo game. On a cartridge and everything.

Because it'll only be made in a small run, and because it's being made for a dead console that uses expensive cartridges, don't be too alarmed when I tell you how much it costs.

(It's pre-ordering for €399, which is USD$517 today).

Adding to the novelty factor is the game's orientation; it's a proper vertical-scrolling shooter without the option to letterbox the game's display so that it fits on your wide-screen TV.


Meaning that if you're going to play it properly, you need to turn your TV/monitor up and sit it on its side (though you can rotate the controls if that's absolutely impossible).

Gunlord [NG:DEV.TEAM, via IndieGames]