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This Bot Turns Reddit Arguments Into Ace Attorney Debates

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Screenshot: YouTube/Kotaku

Ever since there’s been more than one person on the internet, there have been arguments. Some forum debates have become so outrageous that they’ve been forever ensconced in the collective unconscious of the web. And now, they can be turned into Phoenix Wright debates.

A new bot created by Micah Price can grab the text of Reddit arguments and transplant them directly into the framework of an Ace Attorney scene. The application of it seems simple enough: find a good argument, comment with the right command (the fitting “!objectionbot” or “!objection-bot”), and the system goes to work.

Price’s bot then grabs the two most frequent commenters in the thread and assigns them the roles of Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth. Everyone else is random, and depending on the score of the comment, the bot will also assign appropriate happy faces or an “OBJECTION!”


Add some turnabout courtroom music, and you’ve got a perfect framework for memeifying Reddit drama. Price tells Mashable that he made it in just three days using Python, alongside some computer vision and machine learning libraries, and the code is open source.

If anything, I’m hoping this bot can expand even further. Twitter threads would be one great implementation, or if it could grab even older arguments from other, non-Reddit forums. Thankfully, another Ace Attorney fan has already turned the infamous “how many days in a week” forum thread into a Phoenix Wright argument, so we’re taken care of in that respect.

The bot doesn’t work on every subreddit—Price is noting which subreddits it supports on the bot’s Reddit user page—but feel free to use this as fodder for your next dive down a Reddit rabbit hole.