This Arcade Game Makes You Feel Like a Dual Wielding Bad-Ass

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Gunslinger Stratos is a four-versus-four third-person shooter for Japanese arcades made by Square-Enix. But it's not just your average TPS team deathmatch arcade. It's also a lightgun game—a dual wielding lightgun game at that.

But the gimmick goes so far beyond simple dual wielding. To switch between your weapons—which range from pistols to gravity guns—you have to combine the two pistol controllers in your hands into different configurations. And with the ability to fly around and destroy some of Tokyo's most famous locations in the crossfire, it really is a hectic and amazingly fun experience.

Wonder how exactly it works? Well check out the video above where, on location in a Japanese arcade, I explain what's going on and then show you how it plays. (Sorry in advance for the background noise—it's an arcade after all).


Gunslinger Stratos was released in Japanese arcades on July 11, 2012. There is no word on an international release.

Gunslinger Stratos Offical Website [Japanese]

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Jonathan Ponikvar

"There is no word on an international release."

This should go without saying at this point. Arcades in western territories (particularly the US) are pretty much dead. Gamers seem to be satisfied with just sitting at home, staring at their screens with a headset, rather than experiencing the social gaming atmosphere of a public arcade. It's why we've never received the majority of arcade releases in the last ten years; unless you live close to a dedicated and extremely well-off import arcade owner, you've never played the F-Zero or MarioKart arcade games, or any of the most badass bullet hell shooters, or any number of other innovative arcade cabinets from Japan. It's downright depressing.

I'd expect more to hear about a Wii U port of this game than a full international arcade release.