This Amazing Footage Shows We Probably Need More Bird Of Prey Video Games

We've got games that put you inside the eyeballs of men, and inside the cockpit of aircraft, but rarely do we get to venture into hte space in between. Slower, and lower, but because of that often a lot more fun.


I'm talking about birds, who aside from some seagulls in Wind Waker I rarely get the pleasure of taking command of in a game.

Which is a shame, because as this first-person (first-bird?) perspective footage shot in Dubai shows, it could be a blast. Like Rogue Squadron, or Magic Carpet, only with more of an emphasis on catching things and ripping them apart with your feet.

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Whoa, these gaming site commenting sections are getting worse and worse. Gawker seems to really hate people seeing each others comments.

I got banned for the Joystiq sub-site Massively for being a homosexual commenter and was hoping to use this site for gaming info but it seems you guys decided to completely ruin the one great thing this site had, community.

Unfortunately, I'm off to find another gaming news site. One that doesn't discriminate and has a community I hope. :(