Anime studio Khara Inc., the folks behind Rebuild of Evangelion, just released a YouTube video aimed at potential job applicants. It shows the skill sets pro animators need.

As reported by IT Media, the video has the following challenge:

By using the sample scene data, please show a character climbing Box A and jump to Box B, within the total length of 10 seconds and 10 cuts.

Below, you can see in-house staff take a crack.

The video shows clips made by Studio Khara's main animators Yoshikazu Nakama, Masanori Iwasato, and Yuusuke Matsui. Interesting to see how each had a very different take, operating within the same constraints.


Each clip is also slowed down so you can count the cuts, should you like! If you think your work is up to snuff and can make a solid clip, the studio has a recruiting page for potential hires to work on the next Evangelion. Note that the page is only in Japanese.

募集要項 2014年4月22日更新 [Khara via IT Media]

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