Or, for our Argentinian readers who do live in Argentina...I'm sorry. So sorry.

Americans have it made. Gamers in Europe and Australia (and elsewhere!) pay a lot more, comparatively, for games and hardware.

But the PAL Tax is nothing on what gamers in other markets, like those in South America, face. Small consumer bases

As is the case with many markets in South America - Brazil being another major culprit - the price of gaming in Argentina is a little silly. A smaller consumer base means everything from distribution to retail costs more, and that leaves gamers there with...quite the bill if they want to buy a PS4.

Sony is selling the console for $6500 (that's Pesos). Which translates, roughly, to around USD$1100.


Crazy, right? Well...it is. Kind of. Consider this, though: that's Sony selling the product officially. Through its own retail channels, and with the offer of a full warranty and support, a rarity in the region. So on the one hand, good Lord, that's expensive. But on the other, hey, good for Sony for at least making the effort.

You can of course pay a lot less by importing an American console, which is what a lot of people will end up doing. It just won't have the same warranty, etc as an official Argentinian model.

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