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Inspired by the classic giant monster movies of Hollywood's past, Midway's arcade classic Rampage is now the potentially classic giant monster movie of Hollywood's future. New Line Cinema has begun development on George, Ralph, and Lizzie's big screen debut.

I love video games. I love giant monster movies. Combine the two together and you've got a film that I might actually get off my ass to see in one of those theaters I've been hearing so much about lately. Not much is known about the story of George, Ralph, and Lizzie, three regular humans transformed into a giant ape, werewolf, and lizard respectively, though I suspect that will all change when New Line unleashes its Rampage movie on the unsuspecting public.


Midway created the arcade smash-em up back in 1986. Midway was purchased by Warner Bros. back in 2009, and New Line Cinema is a subsidiary of Time Warner, so there you go. Rampage is all theirs. According to The Hollywood Reporter, producer John Rickard is currently meeting with writers to bring the destructive trio to life.

There are very few ways New Line can possibly screw this up. As long as the special effects are halfway decent and buildings get smashed, I'm sold.

Classic Video Game 'Rampage' Headed to Big Screen From New Line (Exclusive) [The Hollywood Reporter via WorstPreviews, Thanks Matthew!]

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