Thieves Led Cops on a Comic Book Car Chase

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On July 2 at around 2:20pm, three young men in their twenties allegedly stole 98 comic books from a video rental store in Sendai, Japan (at Japanese video stores, manga are often available for either rent or purchase). The total value of their alleged pull was ¥56,000 or US$702.


The trio escaped in a small car owned by one of the men and drove at high speeds on roads and highways, running traffic lights along the way. Over twenty Sendai cop cars and even a prefectural police helicopter pursued the three men.

After forty minutes, the car got a flat tire on the way to Sendai's port, and the three men were all arrested.


During the chase, there was minor car damage to multiple cars, but thankfully, no one was hurt.

Two of the three have confessed, but one, 24 year-old Yuuki Moriyama, denied the crime, saying, "I don't know anything about this." It was Moriyama's car that the three men attempted their getaway. Bet he knew about that bit, seeing as he was, you know, in the car.

漫画本98冊を窃盗容疑 男3人逮捕、1人否認 仙台 [Kahoku Online]

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I saw Lupin screen caption. The main reason I read this article.