They Really Need To Make Mirror's Edge Online

In today's first-person platforming episode of the TAY-powered Speak Up on Kotaku, commenter Fernando Jorge thinks that EA should put together an online version of Mirror's Edge. I'm into it, Fernando.

Until today's post I hadn't realized that Mirror's Edge online would be great. EA should go ahead and make ME2 a primarily online game. While I'm at it, throw Kinect in the mix.


Should I be nailed to a cross for saying this? Maybe.

Why online? Think capture the flag, tag, hide and seek, cops and robbers, races. It'd be unique and go hand in hand with ME's gameplay.

Mirror's Edge had depth. Check time trial videos to discover shortcuts you could never think of:

Skill was in knowing the map and if it had a map editor then it would be infinitely fun.


Gameplay and the looks, the best traits of ME, these two could improve without plot. Look at the amazing maps DICE created once they decided to go for total abstraction.


It could still have urban environments, but it could also have low gravity jumps over floating blocks. There'd be no plot to narrow the possibilities.

As for Kinect, frequently when Faith fell to her death I'd turn my face away, reflex. I'd also generally move like a moron while playing it. ME was about running, sweating, panting, the feel of the game isn't translated so well to the input method.


Why not convey some of that physicality? If you duck, Faith ducks, you kick the floor, Faith kicks the wall, jumps. Control her head so you can look to the sides without changing your path.

Kinect only control would be a disaster, it would have to be something simple, that enhanced the game, gave you more control over your character without adding a different command to every button. Of course, OPTIONAL would be the key word for Kinect gameplay.


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